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Vitalleo Well Aligned

Well Aligned is founded by scientists and wellness experts.  It merges advanced diagnostics, nutritional guidance, customized supplements and natural health care to provide people their best life now while also doing their nest to prevent problems in the future. This program harnesses the power of leading experts in DNA, nutrition, hormone science, and lab processes to create one-of-a-kind system.  Rather than treating the symptoms, Well Aligned provides the best clinical outcomes for patients by testing and addressing the cause of the dysfuntion.

Edison Pack


The Edison Pack contains the right type, dose, and balance of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients know to provide the body with key elements needed to function, heal and maintain itself.  The Multivitamin and the Bone, Join, and Soft tissue provides nutrients that are known to support the nervous system, decrease inflammation, and provide essential nutrients required to restore and maintain health. Nutrient deficiencies plague us today due to all the medications, toxins, stress, and poor diet.  Non clinical grade supplements cannot get enough of the pure dose needed to increase the body's nutrient levels and solve deficiencies,  With Vitalleo you get the purest ingredients in the forms that your body can use immediately.

DNA Testing


Vitalleo DNA testing allows patients to utilize their genetics to understand disease risks, what boldly systems require additional support, and what are the best diets, supplement, and exercise practices for their own specific needs.  Genetic scientists and experts in nutrition, exercise physiology, and natural approaches to dieses created the Well Aligned program to provide you with personalized insights and recommendations.  Every test is reviewed by a Well Aligned practitioner to create an individualized plan to optimize your health. 



Our natural and highly effective anti-inflammatory supplement E- FlamX.  This is formulated to effectively eliminate inflammation and promote joint and soft tissue recovery



One of the critical functions of Vitamin D is to promote the absorption of calcium and maintain adequate calcium levels in your blood.  Vitamin D and Vitamin K work together to help with blood clotting and promotes the accumulation of calcium in your bones.   These two work together to promote calcification of the bones and reduce calcification in soft tissue.

Detox Pack


With the daily exposure to toxins in every area of life, it is important to cleanse the body.  There are many important minerals, amino acids. and nutrients know for providing benefits in the blood, promoting gut health, supporting detoxification pathways, enhancing bowel functions, and assisting the immune system in dealing with toxins,